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SKYTUG Fleet Future Map 2022 edit.jpg

Future FLEET

Thousands of SKYTUGs will operate from strategic offshore rendezvous zones located near major marine traffic nodes.

'Handy' SKYTUGs will ply North Atlantic, North Pacific and global routes, serving all ship sizes from Handymax to Capesize.

'Capesize' SKYTUGs will take larger ships from the Atlantic to W Australia or to the Sunda or Malacca Straits of Sumatra, and serve the Far East routes.

Large bulkers from the Far East and Australia and large tankers from the NW Indian Ocean will be towed around the Cape of Good Hope to the Americas and Europe.

SKYTUG LMF 2 19.jpg
SKYTUG LMF 2 19.jpg
SKYTUG LMF 2 19.jpg
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